James Von Brunn
Holocaust Museum shooter: Obama created, used by Jews
FBI says found hateful notes in James Von Brunn's car containing anti-Semitic statements against Jews, racial slurs against American president

FBI investigators found sinister notes inside the car of James Von Brunn, accused of storming the Holocaust Museum in Washington, court papers showed.


"You want my weapons - this is how you'll get them…The Holocaust is a lie... Obama was created by Jews," read parts of the note discovered inside the geriatric neo-Nazi's car, shortly after his murderous rampage, which left 39-year-old Stephen Tyrone Johns, a museum security guard, dead.  


Von Brunn, who was shot by two museum guards, is still hospitalized in critical condition. According to the Daily News' website, should he recover, the Holocaust-denying, white supremacist will be charged with murder and using a firearm on federal property – capital crimes that could lead to Von Brunn receiving the death penalty, officials said.


Von Brunn spewed hate online for decades. In his self-published book, "Kill the Best Gentiles," he railed against a Jewish conspiracy to "destroy the white gene pool."


Some of his online posts include statement reading "the Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by the Jews and he is doing what his Jewish owners tell him. the Jews have taken over America's money. The Jews have taken over the media bringing the First Amendment to an end."


Von Brunn also made it a point to target the US president, writing that "there is no record of Obama's (existence) – no documentation, nothing. This is not a coincidence; this was deliberately done by the media."


According to reports, he spent more than six years in prison after he tried to hold Federal Reserve officials hostage in 1981.


Meanwhile, the Washington Holocaust Museum reopened Friday, with hundreds of visitors arriving in a show of support.


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