Zaken - fraud, breach of trust
Photo: Shaul Golan
Photo: Yair Sagi
Matza - bribery, breach of trust
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Karashi - bribery
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State readies to file indictments in Tax Authority case

State Prosecutor's Office informs former Tax Authority head Jacky Matza, PM bureau chief Shula Zaken, six others that they may face criminal charges of fraud, bribary, breach of trust

The State Prosecutor's Office informed six of the main suspects in the Tax Authority bribe scandal that it plans to file indictments against them


The suspects in question include Jacky Matza, former Tax Authority chief and Shula Zaken, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's bureau chief. Zaken's brother, businessman Yoram Karashi, is also among those facing charges.


According to the case file, the eight suspects may face the following charges:

  • Shula Zaken, Olmert's former bureau chief – fraud and breach of trust
  • Jacky Matza - former Tax Authority chief – bribery and breach of trust
  • Yoram Karashi, Zaken’s brother – bribery
  • Kobi Ben Gur – bribery
  • Shmuel Bobrov, the Tax Authority's Human Resources manager – bribery and breach of trust
  • Gidi Bar Zakai of the Tax Authority – accepting a bribe
  • Yigal Saar, the Tax Authority's representatives in the United States – accepting a bribe and bribery
  • Yossi Steimitz – accepting a bribe and breach of trust.


Zaken, Matza, Karashi, Ben Gur Bobrov and Zakai were informed of the pending indictments on Monday, while Saar and Steimitz were informed of the impending legal proceedings last month.


Two years ago police investigators recommended indictments be filed in the case. Police also thought an indictment should be filed against Eitan Rob, also a former director of the Tax Authority. The prosecution, however, said that the evidence against him did not warrant an indictment.


Zaken's attorney, Micha Fetman, told Ynet that the prosecution's decision to indict his client was regrettable: "I believe that the decision to indict Mrs. Zaken is misguided, and does not correspond with the relevant testimonies in the case," Fetman said, adding that the long drawn-out trial would only serve as more punishment for Zaken.


The Tax Authority case began in early 2007, when the National Fraud Unit raided the homes of Shula Zaken, Tax Authority officials and other suspects.


According to the police, private businessmen Ben Gur and Karashi bribed high-ranking officials in the Tax Authority, including the authority heads, two assistant director-generals, and the authority's representative in the US.


Karashi is suspected of taking advantage of his close relations with the senior officials and with his sister in order to interfere with appointments in the Tax Authority. His sister, Shula Zaken, is suspected of mediating between the businesspeople, her associates and senior Tax Authority officials.


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