Photo: Efi Shrir
Photo: Efi Shrir
Suspicion: Golani troops drugged, then raped women soldiers
Soldiers suspected of spiking female soldiers' alcoholic drinks with sedative and then raping them; suspects say sex was consensual

Two Givati Brigade soldiers are suspected of raping two female soldiers after spiking their drinks with a date-rape drug.


The IDF said it launched an investigation into the incident and that its findings, as well as a recommendation, will be transferred to the Military Prosecution.


On Sunday the Northern Command's military court extended the suspects' remand by two days. The Golani soldiers have denied the allegations, claiming the sex was consensual.


On Friday one of the female soldiers arrived at a police station in central Israel and complained that she had been raped by a soldier
the previous day. A short while later her friend lodged a similar complaint.


The Golani soldiers, who were on furlough when the alleged incident took place, were arrested on Saturday and later interrogated by Military Police. According to the female soldiers' testimonies, they arrived at the home of one of the male soldiers in central Israel at around midnight, where they were coaxed into drinking alcoholic beverages that were spiked with a sedative, apparently a date-rape drug. They claimed they were raped shortly thereafter.


According to Attorney Shai Roda, who is representing of one of the suspects, the fact that the women soldiers were not examined for traces of the drug immediately after the complaints had been filed significantly hurt the investigation. 


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