Iron Dome defense system

Iron Dome test declared successful

Defense Ministry says Rafael-developed rocket defense system proven capable of intercepting, destroying incoming threats

The defense establishment and the Rafael Armament Development Authority say they have held successful tests of the Iron Dome rocket defense system over the past few days. The system succeeded in intercepting and destroying targets.


The Iron Dome system was developed by Rafael in order to defend Israel from rocket and missile attacks. The Defense Ministry stated that "the tests that were conducted this week complete a series of successful tests of the Iron Dome system".




The ministry added that all of the systems involved – which include a radar, control system, launcher, and interceptor – were fully functional during the tests.


It stated that the completion of the tests constitutes an important milestone on the establishment's multilayered defense plan for Israel.


Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded to the news by saying, "A multilayered defense system is Israel's national and strategic goal. A system such as this will provide a layer of defense from Qassam and land-to-land missile threats, and will allow the defense establishment and the IDF to fulfill their highest duty – the defense of Israel – in the best way."


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