Convicted mother in court
Photo: Dudi Vaaknin
Also convicted. The husband in court
Photo: Dudi Vaaknin

'Taliban mom' convicted of abusing 6 of her children

Beit Sehmesh resident, her husband were accused of severely beating their children over nine-year period; indictment said neglect led to incestuous relations between some of the kids. Defense attorney: She needs medical attention, not jail time

A Beit Shemesh resident was convicted on Sunday of aggravated assault and abuse of a minor for continually abusing six of her 12 children. Her husband was convicted of abuse and failure to report the abuse to the authorities.


The mother was originally charged with abusing all 12 of her children. According to the indictment, which was filed in April 2008 and included multiple counts detailing years of abuse and neglect, she and her husband severely beat their children with household tools and whipped them with the use of belts and cables over a period of nine years. The parents would sometimes lock their children out of the house if they disobeyed them, the indictment read.


The mother's attorney, Gil Dachuach, said in response to the conviction that "it is regretful that a sick woman is prosecuted as though she were a normal person. A society that judges such people will eventually ostracize them.


"The State's psychiatrists also admitted that she has a mental problem. This woman has been living in the dark and has not been out of her house for 10 years. She needs medical attention," he said.


Mother in court on Sunday (Photo: Dudi Vaaknin)


According to the indictment, in one incident the mother, nicknamed "Taliban mom" on account of her refusal to reveal her face during her trial, put out a match on the chest of one of her sons and poured bleach into his goalkeeper gloves after he played soccer without her consent.


The indictment further revealed that the parents' continued neglect led to incestuous relations between some of the kids.


The woman's trial was held behind closed doors.


Ynet has learned that over the past few months the attorney representing most of the children, Zeri Hazan, sent prosecutors a letter in which he asked that they not file an indictment against the mother, claiming that she was in need of psychiatric care. The attorney also said sending the mother to jail would be a blow to her family.


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