'Abusive mother' with her lawyer, Friday
Photo: Dudi Vaaknin

'Starved child' leaves Hadassah hospital

Haredi community satisfied with decision to transfer toddler whose mother is suspected of starving him to a different medical institution. 'All courts of law have undermined the monstrous tale against the mother,' says family's representative

The ultra-Orthodox community expressed its satisfaction Sunday with a decision to transfer a toddler whose mother is suspected of starving him from the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital to a different medical institution.


The child's relatives expressed their satisfaction as well. The three-year-old was hospitalized at the Jerusalem medical center after his weight had fallen to 7 kilograms (15 pounds).


The family's media advisor Dudi Zilbershlag called for "a return to the appropriate proportions," claiming that "all courts of law have undermined this great and monstrous tale against the mother."


Zilbershlag said that in light of recent court rulings in the affair, referring to the woman as "the starving mother" was like pronouncing a verdict without a trial.


The woman was placed under house arrest on Friday, after Judge Rafi Carmel of the Jerusalem District Court said that "this case has gone out of proportions" and called for a return to the right proportions.


The State Prosecutor's Office has said, however, that an indictment against the mother would soon be filed with the Jerusalem District Court. According to state officials, the entire country would be shocked by the woman's cruelty after the charges are filed.


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