Livni, has faith in Kadima
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Livni slams PM over 'Mofaz bill'
Speaking at faction meeting ahead of vote on bill to facilitate MKs' move between parties, opposition leader says 'I'm not worried about law, it will not hurt Kadima'; calls bill 'unreasonable, unethical'

Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday over a bill his Likud party has been promoting. The so-called "Mofaz bill" is meant to enable Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz to resign from his party and join the Likud.


"I understand that the prime minister is worried; for four months he has been searching for spare parts because he knows Kadima is the only true alternative for the government," said Livni during a faction meeting ahead of the Knesset vote.


"Those who criticized the bill, including Kadima and Likud members, legalists and academics, did so because it is unreasonable and unethical," the opposition leader added.


'Government with a moral vacuum'

"I am not worried about the law, because this law is first and foremost an embarrassment to the person proposing it, it is also a shame on the person using it, and whoever uses is it not hurting Kadima today and will not hurt Kadima in the future," she said.


The prime minister has been accused of trying to undermine Kadima by creating a situation in which it will be easier for MK Shaul Mofaz to move to the Likud party with a few of his fellow faction members. "I have faith in Kadima, its values and humanity," Livni said.


She added, "We will see if Bibi (Netanyahu) is confident enough to allow the freedom to vote in the coalition. Bibi included people in the team of which he said, 'We will use their integrity', let them use their integrity today."


Livni then addressed another law the prime minister has been trying to promote, the Israel Land Administration reform law, which she called the "nation's land dealing law".


She said Kadima had managed to block the law, last week, and added that what was driving Netanyahu to propose such laws was the need to survive, but that in reality, they "trampled every rule of democracy".


"This is a Likud without values and a Likud without a path. A government with a moral vacuum," she said.


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