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Zeev rejects accusations
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Shas condemns attack on gay center

Haredi faction issues statement saying 'murder contradicts the way of Torah.' Shas MK says gay community's accusations against party following incident are 'a blood libel'

The Shas faction issued a statement Saturday night, condemning the attack on a gay youth center in Tel Aviv, which left two people dead and 10 injured.


The Shas faction, the statement said, condemns any use of violence. "The attacker must be located quickly and judged severely. Murder naturally contradicts the way of Torah and any harm is against the religion of Israel."


Meanwhile, Shas Knesset Member Nissim Zeev responded to the accusations directed at him by members of the gay and lesbian community following the deadly attack, calling them "nonsense".


Zeev was referring to signs held by protestors who marched in memory of the casualties on Saturday night, which read "Nissim Zeev – you have blood on your hands" and "The Shas faction – their blood is on your hands."


Zeev, who heard about the shooting from Ynet, said that "this is a very shocking incident. I would like to believe that there was no connection between the shooting and this community's affiliation… It could turn out to be a drunk or a mentally ill person who fired the shots. A murderer is a murderer, and the fate of all murderers is equal."


According to Zeev, the incident may have been a terror attack. "It's possible that the shooter was a terrorist who came to murder Jews. So why are people saying that it was against the community. As long as things are not clear and the police have yet to catch the murderer, I think people should be careful with their responses."


He added that "it's not even certain that it happened because of this population's affiliation. It's possible that the person who fired the shots belongs to the same population."


'It's our duty to warn against this lifestyle'

Referring to the signs pointing a finger at him and his party, Zeev said, "This is a blood libel. They are taking advantage of the blood in order to murder a human being's character.


"There is an issue here of anger time. I cannot judge a person at a time of anger. The shooting is serious and this is a shocking incident, and I hope they find the murderer.


"I denounce this and say that this murderer must be punished severely," added Zeev. "Is there any question about this? Can Jewish blood be abandoned? And it doesn't matter, any blood, the blood of a gentile as well. Is it permitted to murder a gentile?


"One must distinguish completely between a murder, may the All-merciful protect us, and a lifestyle which is unacceptable to us. But saying that murdering them is permitted? How can anyone think for a minute that it is permitted to murder someone?"


According to the Shas MK, "It is our duty in any case to warn against this lifestyle. As far as we are concerned, we must not authorize or recognize it, but this has nothing to do with murder. Murder is the most serious and shocking thing. It's madness, and the murder must face trial. There are no doubts whatsoever."


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