Will Assad shun Iran?
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IDF: Assad would shun Iran for peace

Syria will be willing to cool off its ties with Tehran, Hezbollah, Palestinian groups after signing peace treaty with Israel, senior IDF intelligence official says; world increasingly accepting that Iran will go nuclear, he says

Syria would be willing to distance from Iran, Hezbollah, and Palestinian groups after it signs a peace treaty with Israel, senior IDF intelligence official Yossi Beiditz says.


Beiditz made the remarks while briefing the Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affair Committee.


"In the estimate of the IDF Intelligence Branch, should Syria encounter a dilemma in the after a deal with Israel, it will be willing to cool off its ties with Iran, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian groups," he said.


However, Beiditz noted that Syria is still involved in the axis of evil, while striving to improve its ties with the United States and with the moderate Arab camp. "Syria is willing to accept an agreement on its terms only, with an emphasis on withdrawal to the June 1967 borders," he said.


During the briefing, Defense Minister Ehud Barak reiterated the fact that Syria is assisting terror groups, despite its willingness to resume peace talks with Israel.


"Syria is assisting Hezbollah with arms as well. It also serves as a patron to terror headquarters in Damascus," he said. "However, progress with Syria could prompt positive side-effects in respect to progress vis-à-vis Lebanon in the future."


Brigadier General Beiditz also reviewed the progress of Iran's nuclear program, telling the Knesset committee Tehran continues to advance and acquire more capabilities and enriched uranium. He noted that progress towards the production of nuclear weapons is a matter of decision, rather than of technological know-how.


"As of the end of 2009, a nuclear bomb is an Iranian decision," he said. "On the international front, we are increasingly seeing an atmosphere of accepting the fact that Iran will go nuclear."


Beiditz added that despite recent developments in Iran, Tehran continues to transfer weapons to Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah.


"Hamas is growing stronger by acquiring better weapons," he said. "They are undertaking great efforts in a bid to bring in long-range weapons; missiles that can reach central Israel."


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