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'You have a golden opportunity'
Photo: CD Bank
Syrians say Israel called them for info on MIAs
Residents of Tartus say recorded message offered them millions for info on missing IDF soldiers

Residents of the Syrian port city of Tartus are saying they received strange phone calls recently offering them large sums of money in exchange for information on Israeli MIAs.


Syrian reports say the calls came from an unidentified source. The residents reported that when they picked up the phone a female voice with a Lebanese accent said, "You have a golden opportunity to earn millions of dollars. If you have any definitive information on the missing Israeli soldiers please enter our website."


According to the reports, many of the residents quickly hung up the call before the message had been completed.


Syrian sources say this is not the first time Israel has tapped into Syria's phone lines, and that similar incidents occurred in 2006 and 2007.


A Syrian communications engineer called the "Israeli infiltration" a "very routine move" and said it had been reported in many different Syrian provinces in the past.


"This is a transparent attempt by the Zionist enemy to enlist spies from within Syria, and as far as I know the matter is being followed closely by the relevant authorities," he was quoted as saying.


The engineer said that in technical terms the breach of Syrian lines could be easily accomplished, and that it was therefore difficult to prevent.


"This is a very easy feat and it doesn't matter which preventative measures we take, especially if we take into account the Zionist enemy's technological advantage in this field," he said.


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