Photo: Dafna Talmon
'He was kidnapped in Bogota' (archives)
Photo: Dafna Talmon

Israeli gone missing in Colombia; father says kidnapped

Yehonatan Yitzhaki has been residing in South America for four years. Father tells Ynet son sent email to Colombian girlfriend reading 'I'm in major trouble and scared I'm going to get killed'. Foreign Ministry says unaware of kidnapping

An Israeli citizen residing in Colombia has been missing for three days while his family claims he was kidnapped.


Yehonatan Yitzhaki, 31, has been living in South America for the past four years. His Colombian girlfriend informed the family in Israel of the abduction.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated Wednesday morning that it is unaware of any kidnapping but that the Consulate is handling the case of Yitzhaki's missing status.


Yehonatan's father, Benny told Ynet, "He was kidnapped two days ago. I spoke to the Foreign Ministry, which said they were dealing with the matter in full force. I am very concerned and don't know what to do anymore. It completely took me by surprise."


According to the father, he intends on approaching Colombian representatives in Israel and to lay the responsibility for his son's wellbeing on them.


"My last contact with Yehonatan was two weeks ago. We spoke via the Internet. Yesterday he sent an email to his girlfriend, which read: 'I'm in major trouble and I'm scared I'm going to get killed,'" the father added.


Yitzhai further said he believes his son sent the e-mail from the kidnappers' computer and that he tried to speak to his son's girlfriend who is absolutely devastated.


Yitzhaki said his son has been staying in Central and South America for the past four years where he lives with his Colombian girlfriend. "It's beyond a trip. He lives in Cali and the abduction took place in Bogota. I haven't been in contact with him for a long time, last I heard of him he said he was working in buying and selling motorcycles," he said.


The father also added that he was advised against traveling to Colombia in search of his son and wants to see the Foreign Ministry finally take some kind of action.


Initial information received via Red Email


Adva Naftali contributed to the report


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