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Settlers at odds over Bnei Adam outpost

Right-wing activists opposing consensual evacuation of illegal West Bank outpost distribute flyers negating Rabbi Haim Drukman's authority to rule on the matter; Yesha Council chairman slams them as 'irresponsible, lawless'

Settlers residing at the illegal West Bank outpost of Bnei Adam have recently asked Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu to rule on whether they should comply with the State's eviction order.


Rabbi Eliyahu asked Rabbi Haim Drukman, the head of the Bnei Akiva yeshivot center to make the final ruling, and the latter said the settlers should comply with the order – which the Head of the Benyamin Council, Avi Roeh, agreed to as well.


The ruling, however, has left the settles conflicted, as some agree to a consensual evacuation and some still oppose it. A settlers' group calling itself "the committee for the cessation of the cooperation with the enemy" distributed flyers through the West Bank Thursday, calling on settlers to disregard the ruling.


"Rabbi Haim Drukman has no authority to make any decision concerning the settlement of the Land of Israel," said the flyers. Right-wing activists and Bnei Adam residents, who refuse to leave the premises, said they would take any means necessary to stay.


Yesha Council Chairman Pinhas Valerstein said members of the "committee" were "irresponsible, lawless people who have the gall to slam a rabbi and call themselves religious… These people must be denounced by society," he said.


The settlers behind the flyer, who preferred to remain anonymous, said they see Drukman as a collaborator with the government.


The "committee" went on to call Defense Minister Ehud Barak "enemy of the settlement movement," and inform Rabbi Drukman – via the flyer – that they "will never comply with any demands meant to hurt the settlement of the land… We must fight for it with devotion."


Drukman, continued the flyer, "Who during brutal expulsion from Gush Katif set in the office next to Ariel Sharon's cannot be considered the authority in such matters."


Meanwhile, the Supreme Court granted the Bnei Adam residents a five-day continuance to leave the premises of their own accords.


Aviad Glickman contributed to this report 


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