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Barney Frank. 'Like trying to argue with a table '
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US: Woman yells 'Heil, Hitler' at Israeli

Health care debate in United States heats up as television crews capture confrontation between American-Israeli in support of Obama's reform and a right-wing woman opposed to it. The woman, dressed in an IDF shirt, shouts Nazi slogan at man during town hall discussion. In another incident, Jewish Congressman Barney Frank confronts woman carrying sign showing Obama with a Hitler-style moustache

Efforts made by President Barack Obama to promote a health reform bill have sparked debates across the country. Yet, two particularly jolting responses to the bill were registered on Wednesday. In one incident a woman yelled out "Heil, Hitler" to an Israeli-American supporting Obama's universalized health care initiative. In another, Jewish Congressman Barney Frank confronted a woman waving posters comparing Obama to Hitler.


The public debate in the United States on health care has prompted some in opposition to Obama's initiative to evoke the image of Adolf Hitler, use of swastikas, and no small amount of anti-Semitism.


The go-ahead for these comparisons was given by prominent Republican media man Rush Limbaugh when he pointed out similarities between the logo of the administration's health plan and the swastika. Ever since, those opposed to the reform have begun appearing at Democratic public relations rallies carrying signs and posters depicting President Obama with a Hitler-style moustache.

Barney Frank confronts Nazi jeers in town hall. 'What planet are you from?' (Photo: AFP)


This phenomenon led to a televised confrontation between Jewish Congressman Barney Frank from Massachusetts and a woman carrying one of these posters. During a town hall meeting held by Frank, the woman asked why Obama supports Nazi policy. The congressman, who is currently serving as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and one of congressman pushing for reform of the health care system, was shocked by the poster and the woman's outburst.


"When you ask me that question, I’m going to revert to my ethnic heritage and ask you a question: On what planet do you spend most of your time?” countered Frank.


'Heil, Hitler.' Heated confrontation in Los Angeles over US health care 


“Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table,” he said. “I have no interest in doing it.”


Public debate on health reform brought jeering Nazi remarks on the west coast of the country. During a meeting in Las Vegas that was captured on camera and uploaded to Youtube, a dramatic confrontation took place between an Israeli-American who supports Obama's reform and a radical woman in opposition to it.


The man tried to explain to reporters that the health care reform is essential for Americans. To this end, he brought up health care services in Israel and explained that it is a relatively successful system. All of a sudden, a woman wearing a green IDF jersey butted in and yelled towards the man, "Heil, Hitler."


Apparently, the woman is a staunch supporter of Israel. She was angered by the Israeli for supporting Obama's health care reform, which, in her eyes, is akin to the Nazi policies of Adolf Hitler.


At this point, the man, who was visibly upset, shouted back at the woman, "Shame on you." The woman responded that he of all people should be against Obama. In response, the man said that he doesn't want to speak for or against Obama, but about health care. The man mentioned that a hospital stay cost him $8000 out of his own pocket.


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