Fred Monoson
Photo courtesy of the Monoson Archives

History's detective

(Video) Consider yourselves history buffs? Watch following Monoson Archives video and try to identify when and where it was taken

VIDEO – Fred Monoson's archive is a hidden treasure for history lovers. The Jewish American philanthropist documented colorful moments of history, which came to symbolize the changing faces of the Jewish nation in the heart of the 20th century.


But within the big puzzle created by Monoson's camera, there are a few pieces missing – clips that the information about them is not complete: The time when they were taken is unknown, a vague location or maybe doubt concerning the identity of the people perpetuated in them.


Video courtesy of the Monsoon Archives


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In order to solve these mysteries, we have decided to address them to you! In the next few weeks, we will present to you the entire archive, one clip after the other, hoping that maybe some of you will be able to add the missing information and shed some new light on an old ancient past.


What do we know? The video clip shown here was apparently taken in the beginning of the 1950s, during a visit of American donators in Israel, in two education institutes: One is a children’s day care center and the other is likely an agriculture school. Do you recognize any of the characters in the video clip? Do you know the school’s name?


During the next weeks, we will present to you additional exclusive video clips from Fred Monoson's archive. Who was Monoson? Under what circumstances did he film the most important occasions in Israel’s history, before it was established and in its first two decades? How were the videos saved in the last minute from destruction?


Answers to these questions and others, and exposure of the rare colored video clips were assembled by Monoson's archive manager Avishai Kfir for a documentary film called “I was there in color”, which will be screened in the end of October on Channel 1. 


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