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Mushir al-Masri
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Hamas: Netanyahu seeking support for Zionist-terrorist agenda

Senior Islamist group legislator slams PM's speech before UN Security Council as 'attempt to impose twisted logic on entire world'

"Netanyahu wants to impose his twisted logic on the entire world as well as the UN," Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri told Ynet Thursday, following the Israeli prime minister's address before the UN General Assembly.


Benjamin Netanyahu , he added, "Was seeking the UN's support for his Zionist-terrorist agenda against the Palestinian people, in an attempt to cover up the massacre he has perpetrated."


Al-Masri said that Israel and its prime minister "couldn't care less about international reports, including the one Israel failed to cooperate with… It was an Israeli attempt to evade the truth; of course Israel wants the world to follow it."


The Hamas legislator was referring to the Goldstone Report probing January's Israeli offensive in Gaza. The report accused both Israel and Hamas of violating international law and possibly committing war crimes.


Harshly criticized as biased by both Israel and the US, Hamas too rejected the report's findings, calling them "imbalanced."


The Palestinians, al-Masri continued, do not expect the UN Security Council to censure Israel in wake of the report: "As long as there is an America there can be no condemnation of Israel, which only proves how two-faced the UN and the international community are.


"The US has vetoed over 50 resolutions meant to condemn Israel for harming the Palestinians… this only bolsters Israel, which mocks not only the Goldstone Committee but all UN resolutions.


"This proves that Israel aspires to be above international law in order to cement its illegal presence on our land," he added. "Israel's conduct is a moral challenge the UN has to deal with."


Netanyahu's claim that Operation Cast Lead was meant to counter Hamas' incessant rocket fire on its southern cities is nothing but a "pathetic excuse," said al-Masri.


"You cannot compare the Israeli killing machine that was implemented in Gaza, killing 1,500 Palestinians within days, to the humble means used by the resistance in its self-defense efforts," he said. 


"History is no stranger to incidents when the American and Europeans defended themselves against occupation. What aren’t the Palestinians allowed to do the same?"  


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