World's largest candy store opens in Dubai
Singaporean company opens 10,000 square feet 'Candylicious' at Dubai Mall, with $10 million annual revenue expected

The world's largest candy shop was opened in Dubai on Saturday, by a company belonging to a Singaporean family that operates mainly in the Arab Gulf.


The new store opened under the brand "Candylicious" at the Dubai Mall – one of the world's largest shopping centers. The company plans to open another store in Singapore next year.


Sunaina Gill, a top executive in the company, said they plan to open between 10 to 15 additional stores in the Gulf over the coming three to five years.


Gil stressed that Dubai is the "ideal location" for opening such a store due to the high demand for candy, and estimates that the mall gets some 30 million visitors per year.


According to Gil, the store, which offers a wide variety of chocolate-based products, predicts an annual sales revenue of some $10 million.


The store spans an area of 10,000 square feet and will include various attractions such as a large chocolate tree with leaves made of candy.


The store will also have a Candylicious Car circling the mall and offering visitors samples of its sweets.


According recent data from Dubai, the local candy market has been growing at an annual rate of 8% in recent years, and is now valued at over $100 million.


Doron Peskin is head of research at Info-Prod Research (Middle East) Ltd.


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