Gilad during family trip to Golan Heights

Free Shalit campaign: Bibi, finish the job

The campaign for Gilad Shalit adopts new slogan, prepares for wide scale public campaigning to pressure gov't to close deal on Shalit

"Bibi you can do it, finish the job" is the new slogan to head the free Shalit campaign.


The headquarters of the campaign for the release of the captive soldier continued preparing for wide-scale public campaigning, organizing a stretcher march which is slated to take place in Jerusalem on Monday, and will include hundreds of youths that will carry stretchers featuring messages of friendship and solidarity.


In addition, campaign members will set up computer stations at 70 different locations, where youths and teens can sign up for "Gilad's army of friends".


"After watching the tape, it is clear to us all that Gilad is alive, but there is still much concern. Unfortunately there are always unforeseen surprises in the Middle East, so let's contain our excitement — and continue our mission with a diligent and calm manner, in an effort to release Gilad," said Shimson Libman, the campaign's chairman who visited the Shalit family on Saturday.


'The tape is a first step'

Libman and members of the campaign headquarters vowed to continue the public struggle despite the release of the tape. "We realize the tape is a first step, but the main goal has yet to be achieved. We received a sign of life, and feel encouraged, yet closing the deal and bringing Gilad home is still our main occupation," said Libman.


Gilad Shalit's mother, Aviva, spoke to the many visitors who came to the Shalit family's home over the weekend, saying "I hope this is the beginning of the end".


Gilad's father, Noam, retrieved from a family album a few pictures of a family trip to the Golan Heights, the trip Gilad mentioned on the tape. "I don’t know exactly why he chose to mention this trip; it probably allowed him to talk about a family gathering, and this one was the first which came to mind," said Noam when asked about his son's words.


Visitors to the Shalit family's house said the atmosphere among family members was calm, yet there are still signs of concern over Gilad's fate. "They hope the tape is a 'promo' for the real deal, which is Gilad's safe return home," said a family friend.


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