Marie Pizem. Neglected as a child
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Ron. Changing stories
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Marie Pizem: Rose pregnancy was a dream

Mother indicted for murder of daughter Rose takes the stand, relates tough childhood with abusive mother, later victimized by husband. Life changed with pregnancy which bore Rose, Pizem says

Nearly a year and three months have passed since little Rose Pizem's body was found in the Yarkon River. Marie Pizem, Rose's mother was indicted for murder together with Rose's grandfather Ronny Ron, who is apparently the one directly responsible for the murder. In Petah Tikva's District Court Pizem presented her version of events for the fist time Thursday.


Her testimony portrays a picture of a rough childhood in the face of family violence and a positive turn around with the pregnancy that bore her daughter Rose.


Pizem spoke quietly in French and was translated into Hebrew. She began by depicting her childhood in France and claimed she felt rejected and was neglected. "My mother always made me feel I was unwanted. She said I was disturbing her and that I was lazy and a crybaby," Pizem related.


According to her, at the age of six her mother falsely accused her father of molesting her and removed him from the house.


"She couldn’t tolerate my presence," Pizem continued. "I got enough beatings from her and she also locked me in the basement. My mother is an alcoholic and a depressive person who tried to commit suicide many times, even before my eyes when I was 12."


Pizem said that Rose's grandmother was hospitalized in a mental institution for many years while she herself was sent off to a strict Christian institution. "It was the best time in my life because at home I had to look after my mother. She would always scream and there (in the Christian institution) I was freer," she said.


Pizem later related her acquaintance with the Ron family. At the age of 15 she met Ben (Ronny Ron's son). "Out relationship quickly became serious and it was a means to leave the house. At the age of 16 I got pregnant but had a miscarriage. It was a terrible experience and I expected my mother to help me but she filed a request with the court that I be considered an adult, which meant she could throw me out of the house and no longer be responsible for me," Marie said.


Pregnancy at age of 17

Pizem continued to describe how she lived with Ben in Normandy after she had been ruled as an adult and mentioned that Ben worked in order to make ends meet. She said that she had been a victim to his violence. "I can describe him as an edgy person; he was against everything by nature, not just me."


Marie ended up pregnant again and bore Rose. "This pregnancy was a dream to me although I was very very young, just 17, every day was a dream," she said.


During the trial it was suggested more than once that Marie may have been the one who pushed Ron to "get rid" of the child, four-years-old at the time. The police showed letters Marie wrote to Ron where she mentioned that Rose "was stealing Ronny's attention from her." Pizem's attorney insists that Marie may have neglected the child but did not initiate the murder.


Recent weeks saw the testimony of Ronny Ron who provided a variety of versions regarding the way Marie had been informed of Rose's death.


After initially saying that she first heard the news while in custody, he later claimed that he told his partner a few days prior that "there had been an accident" and that Rose was gone.


Ron said that upon hearing the news Marie collapsed and asked that he leave the house. During his testimony he stated that Marie had not informed the police of it because "she didn’t know how to dial."


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