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Children abused; mother suprirsed (Illustration)
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Abusive mom stuns police

'Don't you do the same?' mom who stuffed chili pepper into kid's mouth asks investigators

A woman suspected of abusing her two children stunned police officers after expressing surprise that they don't treat their kids the same way.


Police launched an investigation into the affair following a neighbor's testimony and found that the woman regularly beats up her 11-year-old and three-year-old children.


"We discovered that every time one of the kids does something that the mother doesn't approve of, she immediately loses control and beats them up," investigator Shai Gaz said.


However, during the probe police discovered that the mother resorted to other acts to abuse her children.


"We found out that every time one of her kids says something which she doesn't like, she forcefully stuffs chilly pepper into their mouth," Gaz said. "During the investigation we discovered that this is not a one-time case."


As noted, the mother told investigators that she was surprised to discover that she is suspected of any wrongdoing, claiming that stuffing chili pepper into the mouths of children is a common move aimed at educating them.


Police were stunned when the women turned to them during her interrogation and said: "What, you don't do the same to your children?"


Following her arrest, the woman's children were taken away from her. An indictment has already been served in the case and the trial is expected to open soon.


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