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Pro-Israel rally in US
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Poll: Most Americans view Israel as 'loyal ally'

Anti-Defamation League poll shows Americans more sympathetic towards Israel than Palestinians; 57% support Israeli military action to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons

WASHINGTON - An Anti-Defamation League poll published on Monday shows that 67% of Americans view Israel as a "strong, loyal US ally", and most of the American public express more sympathy with Israel than with the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict.


Most Americans also support military action against the Iranian nuclear facilities, with 57% saying they are in favor of Israeli military action to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapons program, and 54% supporting US military action to the same end.


According to the poll, the American people, by a 3:1 ratio, express more sympathy for Israel than for the Palestinians. Of the respondents, 64% believe that Israel is serious about reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians, and 51% blame the Palestinians for failed peace talks.


While most Americans support the two-state solution, 56% of the US public believes the establishment of a Palestinian state should be conditioned on and end to violence and the acceptance of Israel's legitimacy.


American support of action in Iran is also on the rise, with 63% of the US public viewing Iran as an immediate or short-term security threat to the Middle East, and 83% believing it is developing nuclear weapons.


On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 61% of Americans believe that the differences between Israelis and Palestinians will drag on for years, and only 29% believe the two sides "will never have a better opportunity to reach a peace agreement than they do at the present moment".


The poll showed Americans are skeptical about the good that would come from a settlement freeze in the West Bank, with 53% of the respondents saying they believe leaders of the Arab world will continue to refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist, even if Israel stops all further construction settlements.


Only 25% believe the Palestinians would be prepared to achieve a final resolution of the conflict if Israel stopped further construction of settlements.


The poll also showed increased support for US involvement in the Mideast peace process -39%, up from 30% in 2007. However, 48% believe that the sides must solve their own problems with minimal US involvement.


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