National Security Advisor Gen. Jim Jones
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Top US official: Our support of Israel not just a slogan

National Security Advisor Jim Jones gives keynote speech at J Street conference, reiterates US commitment to Israel's security, says will not let Iran evade decision on uranium, encourages talks between Israel and Palestinians

WASHINGTON - US National Security Advisor Jim Jones said Tuesday that Iran will not be allowed to evade making a decision on the nuclear deal offered by the West, noting that it will soon be made clear whether Iran intends on abiding the agreements struck in Geneva. Jones emphasized that, until then, it must be made clear that no option is being taken off the table.


According to Jones, if Iran were to transfer its uranium to another country, the amount of uranium in its stockpiles will fall below the required amount for manufacturing a nuclear weapon. He said that, to this end, the meeting in Geneva was a good start, but was still just the beginning. He emphasized that that the goal of the US is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.


In his keynote speech at the J Street conference in Washington, Jones reiterated American commitment to Israel's security, saying this was not just a slogan tossed around and said that this commitment was stronger than ever under the Obama administration. He said that the US has shown its support for Israel's right to self defense time and time again.


J Street is a pro-Israel, left-wing lobbyist group in Washington that supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


In reference to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the national security adviser said that this was the most important international issue on President Obama's desk. He said that if the president had to chose one conflict to solve in the world, Jones would recommend his solve the Israeli-Arab crisis.


Jones said that being a friend to Israel means working hard towards peace. To this end, Jones said that the occupation started in 1967 must end and that two states must be formed, saying that there is nothing more critical to Israel's security.


In anticipation of US special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell's return to the region this week, Jones restated the US call to Israel and the Palestinians to create an atmosphere conducive to peace. He said that the Palestinians must stop their incitement and start establishing state institutions. Israel, he said, must halt settlement building and remove illegal outposts and checkpoints.


Jones said that now is the time for both parties to return to the negotiating table without preconditions in order to find a resolution to the issue of borders, refugees, and Jerusalem.


Jones called for the release of captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, but noted that the US cannot agree to a continued siege on the Gaza Strip.


In regards to the Goldstone Report, Jones said that the US unequivocally rejects it. He said that the US expressed their clear opinion on the issue and that Israel is an active democracy with the necessary institutions to take care of any issue.


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