Scene from Turkish drama series
'IDF soldier' targets Palestinians

Palestinians: Turkish TV show 'betrayal of resistance'

In harsh letter, Gaza-based Palestinian organization says drama series in which Palestinian women are raped by IDF soldiers and then killed by Palestinian gunmen depicts resistance fighters as fanatics. 'Show dealt blow to dream of Turkish-Palestinian brotherhood,' group says

A Palestinian organization based in Gaza on Wednesday expressed indignation over a Turkish television drama series showing Palestinian women being raped and then executed by Palestinian gunmen after being detained by Israeli soldiers. 


"Ayrilik", which is being broadcasted on the state-run TRT1 network, further strained relations between Jerusalem and Ankara due to its portrayal of IDF troops as blood-thirsty child killers.


Word of the show's plot reached the Palestinian organization "Popular Committee against Siege", as well as pro-Palestinian elements in the West, who wrote a letter addressed to TRT1 saying, "The dream of Turkish-Palestinian brotherhood has been dealt a serious blow with the airing of the show."


The letter, which was drafted by a senior member of the organization, also read, "The humiliating scenes that show the rape and murder of Palestinian women are the exact opposite of reality. In real life the soldiers of the resistance sacrifice their lives to save these women.


"Palestinians do not murder one another based on suspicions," the letter read, "Instead of depicting Palestinians as people who chant 'Long live Palestine' in condemnation of Israel, the drama wrongfully portrays the Palestinians as demagogues. After displaying Israel's cruelty, the show changed direction and 'poisoned' the viewers."


In the letter, the Palestinian organization appealed for Turkey's support. "You, the descendents of the Ottomans, don’t stab us in the back. Don't conceal our pain and don’t humiliate our young women and the resistance," it said.


Mueen Naim, the "Popular Committee against Siege" member who drafted the letter, told the Turkish website that posted it, "Members of the resistance are portrayed in the show as fanatics, and the resistance is depicted as a movement devoid of any religious, scientific or legal essence.


"All of the resistance's actions are authorized and supervised by qualified leaders," he told the TimeTurk website. "The show aired on TRT1 constitutes a betrayal of the resistance."


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