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Mofaz plan: Palestinian state in temporary borders

Political stalemate leads Kadima MK to form his own peace plan, according to which Palestinian State will initially be set up on 50%-60% of territory, but eventually span 92% of West Bank, with isolated settlements evacuated

Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz has spent the past few months, along with a team of experts, developing his political vision, and is slated to complete it shortly. "The current situation cannot continue," he said, "(Prime Minister) Netanyahu is negotiating negotiations. Hi has no plan, he does not plan on leading us anywhere."


The main point of Mofaz's plan is the establishment of a Palestinian state in temporary borders on 50% - 60% of the Palestinian territory in the West Bank, mainly in Area A and Area B, which are under Palestinian control.


"It's time that the Palestinians prove they are capable of ruling," he said.


Meanwhile, Mofaz proposes time-limited talks be opened on the core issues such as Jerusalem – which he refuses to divide - the refugees, and permanent border.


Mofaz is willing to commit to the world, and even give guarantees, that the final Palestinian state will not be formed on less than 92% of the territory.


The MK wants to annex major settlement blocs to Israel, and is willing to make territorial exchanges with the Palestinians. He stressed that, if need be, international forces could assist the Palestinians in their new state.


He said there would be no choice but to clear out isolated settlements. Some 65,000 Israelis currently live outside the major settlement blocs.


Mofaz proposes offering them generous compensation packages, alternative land and even "Ideological compensation" over the long period of time they spent living in the territories.


Mofaz was asked this week if he fears a repeat of trauma caused by the Disengagement from the Gaza Strip and Hamas' takeover of the territory. "I believe", he said, "That if we operate according to my plan, the entire atmosphere will change.


"The world will follow what is happening, and the Palestinians will have to, and want to prove they are serious, in order to receive the rest of the territory. We left Gaza and Lebanon, and we know how to handle the missiles that fall from there without being in the territory."


He hopes to present his plan to the Israeli public, and open a public debate that may get the ball rolling. Mofaz is also concerned that the American plan, which he believes will be presented by the end of the year, will divert attention away from his plan.


"I have no choice," he said, "I will have to present it. The existing stalemate is dangerous. We have to think differently, to go in another direction. Netanyahu won't do anything, and every day that goes by is more damaging to Israel."


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