Danny Klein at Rebbe's grave

Chabad campaign: Messages from Rebbe at basketball court

Haredi movement teams up with Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team for campaign that will show messages from Lubavitcher rabbi on ad boards alongside court. Objective is 'to increase Jewish identity.' Team's Chairman Danny Klein says, 'This is big privilege for us'

The Chabad movement and the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball club have launched an advertising campaign to disseminate Jewish and Hassidic messages at the team's home court in Malha. Famous sayings attributed to the Lubavitcher Rebbe will appear on the large billboards that line the court.


Since last week's game against French club Roanne during Eurocup qualifiers, messages such as "Your one good deed does good for everyone" and "You want to change the world? The power is in your hands" will be shown during home games at Malha.


The messages are projected on a 32-meter (yard) long digital billboard before the eyes of tends of thousands of spectators at the court and watching at home.


In addition, the messages will also be printed in the team's pamphlets distributed in the thousands as well as on a banner on the team's internet site. The objective: "to encourage love of Israel and to increase Jewish identity."

Chabad signs at Malcha sports arena


In recent years, the club's chairman, Danny Klein, who is a traditional Jew, has maintained a close relationship with Chabad-Lubavitch Youth Organization in Israel, and now has decided to host and finance the campaign they have initiated. The campaign's cost is an estimated NIS 150,000 (about $40,000).


The youth group's director, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Aharonov, wrote Klein a thank you note, saying, "We are certain that your salary will be paid from the heavens and that they will uphold the sayings of our rabbis and scholars: 'Every person dealing with the public needs of faith, the Holy One Blessed Be He will pay his wages."


Aharonov added, "As followers of the teachings of the Rebbe from Lubavitch, who expressed infinite love of Israel to every Jew, with no discrimination based on politics, belief, gender, or sector, we find in you an honorable friend for the purpose of decreasing tensions and increasing connectedness and unity over division."


Klein sent in response: "I am more than happy about the natural connection with Chabad. Hapoel and I, personally, are very connected to this path. I see this as a great privilege to be a partner to this joint venture. Hapoel Jerusalem was and will always be a team that represents all layers of the population in Israel – religious and secular alike."


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