Teitel. No clear evidence
Photo courtesy of Israel Police
David Rabinovitch
Reproduction photo: Shai Vaknin
Yehezkel Remzarker
Reproduction photo: Avi Moallem

Teitel also suspected of murdering officers in Jordan Valley

Police suspect 'Jewish terrorist' Yaakov Teitel responsible for a March shooting attack during which two officers were killed, despite lack of clear evidence. Teitel's lawyer says his client claims he 'lied at least once' to his investigators

Police and Shin Bet officers continue their investigation on 'Jewish terrorist' Yaakov Teitel who allegedly committed a series of domestic terror acts over a period of 12 years. Teitel will be brought to a remand hearing Wednesday morning along with his neighbor Yosef Spinoza, who was arrested on Tuesday. Teitel's counsel said his client claimed he "lied at least once" to his investigators.


In addition to existing suspicions, including the murder of two Palestinians, assaulting Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell and a teen from a messianic family in Ariel, placing explosives and inciting against the gay and lesbian community, Teitel also appears to be suspected of the murder of two traffic police officers.

Minutes after the Jordan Valley shooting attack (Photo: AFP)


On March 15, two police officers, David Rabinovitch and Yehezkel Remzarker, were killed as a result of a shooting attack carried out from a passing vehicle on route 90 near the community of Massua in the Jordan Valley.


Police were at a loss for a lead on the case at the time and investigators now stress that there is no clear evidence tying Teitel to the incident.


However, the 'Jewish terrorist' remains a suspect in the case as Haaretz daily reported Wednesday morning.


Police are also unclear as to a possible motive on Teitel's part for the shooting. He allegedly committed hate crimes against Arabs, left-wing activists, gays as well as police elements, who in his view protected his targets. Some light on the matter may be shed during Wednesday's court hearing.


Teitel's lawyer, Attorney Adi Keidar, said that his client told him that he lied to his investigators "at least once" during his investigation for his involvement in the charges made against him.


"We will cross-check the police evidence and check his confessions. I don't know if he lied or told the truth," said Keidar at the end of deliberations for the extension of Teitel's remand. 


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