Protest against Peres' visit
Photo: Amnon Meranda

Brazil protest againt Peres: Shimon Hitler

Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists protest outside Sao Paolo building where Israeli President Shimon Peres taking part in event, carry signs showing charred children's bodies, liken Peres to Adolf Hitler

SAO PAOLO - Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists on Thursday protested outside an event in which Israeli President Shimon Peres was taking place during his visit to Brazil. The protesters carried flags of the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon and signs condemning Israel.


The signs included some showing Peres beside the Israeli flag with a swastika drawn on it and the president drawn with a mustache similar to that of Adolf Hitler and the text "Shimon Hitler". Other signs showed charred children's bodies.

Peres depicted as Hitler in protest (Photo: Amnon Meranda)


Peres himself was in the building at the time of the protest, as the demonstrators chanted anti-Israeli chants.


One of the protesters told Ynet, "We are here to protest against the Brazilian government's hosting of the president of the state that occupies and murders children.


"We will come to every event where there is an Israeli representative and we will tell everyone that Israel is a state that ruthlessly kills innocent children. This is only the beginning."

Signs held at protest (Photo: Amnon Meranda)


On Wednesday it was reported that Peres' security would be reinforced during his visit to Argentina amid concerns of protests. It now seems that fears of anti-Israel protests during the president's visit to South America are being realized sooner than expected.


Earlier, Peres expressed hope that a major energy deal would be signed between a Brazilian and Israeli company during his visit. A source from the president's entourage said he hopes Peres' visit to South American would deals with Israeli companies in the scope of one billion dollars.


Peres also took advantage of his visit to Brazil to meet with Corinthians soccer star, Ronaldo. "This is not the first time we meet," Peres said, "Soccer is war, but without bloodshed. Today's winner is tomorrow's loser, and vice versa. That's what's great about soccer."


Ronaldo welcomed Peres to Brazil, and told the president he would be happy to return to Israel for a visit and pass a positive message on to Israel's children.


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