Concern she might try to flee. 'Starving mom'
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'Starving mom's' 3 children leave Israel

Authorities say that while departure was lawful it was not announced, express concern that mother accused of starving her child may flee country

Three of the so-called "starving mother's" four children have left Israel and relocated to England, according to a statement made by the Justice Ministry Thursday.


The Ministry added that the children flew to England along with Rabbi Yoel Weiss under the directive of a leading rabbi. According to the statement, authorities were not informed of the children's planned departure, and were now concerned that the mother may try to flee the country and join them.


Despite this, the Prosecutor's Office expressed satisfaction with the removal of the children from their mother's care, stating that their departure from Israel was in fact lawful. Meanwhile, the "starving mom" gave birth Thursday night to another son in a Jerusalem hospital. The infant was taken to the premature babies ward and was still in danger, a friend of the family told Ynet.


Meanwhile, the Prosecutor's Office demanded that the hospital formulate a report on the mother's condition 24 hours prior to her scheduled release. In addition, the prosecution requested that a stay of exit order be issued against the defendant and her fourth child, in case they try to leave the country.


'Mother violating terms of house arrest'

Sources close to the "starving mom" rejected claims that the children's departure took place contrary to the agreed terms of the mother's house arrest. The sources also claimed that the trip was coordinated with the welfare authorities.


An urgent hearing was called for Sunday following the children's departure.


"She is in the hospital, and will not attend the hearing," a family friend told Ynet, "but we are convinced her representatives will explain why the children's departure poses no problem."


In a petition filed in court Thursday, the prosecution claimed the mother was violating the terms of her house arrest, according to which her children would get examined every other day in the presence of a welfare office representative, while she remains in full house arrest overseen by four supervisors.


According to the prosecution, the social workers who were supposed to be present during the "starving mom's" doctor appointments stayed outside the examination room, while the mother entered the room along with a supervisor.


The prosecution further claimed that none of the mother's supervisors informed the police that she broke her house arrest "at least six times", and due to the many violations – were requesting the forfeiture of the bail.


Kobi Nahshoni contributed to this report


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