Photo: Tal Cohen
Photo: Tal Cohen

Intelligence officer suspected of molesting children

Twenty-four-year-old lieutenant confesses to his commanders that in his teens he would touch toddlers entrusted to his care while they were sleeping. Police launch investigation, but encounter hurdle – no one has come forth with complaint. Officer claims he confessed only because he wanted to be released from service

Another embarrassing criminal case in the IDF. The same week as a senior IDF officer is suspected of committing attempted rape, it was cleared for publication that an officer serving in an elite intelligence unit is suspected of molesting children. The police arrested him some 10 days ago following a lead received by the IDF.


Ramla Magistrates' Judge David Shoham released the soldier to house arrest and placed a gag order on details surrounding the suspect's identity and his role in the military.


A few weeks ago, a 24-year-old lieutenant confessed to his commanders that he used to molest children entrusted to his care when he was a teenager. The soldier explained his sudden confession, claiming that the resulting emotional baggage of carrying around such a secret weighed heavily on him. The IDF passed on the information to the police, who will deal with the criminal aspect of the issue.


The soldier was recognized as an exceptional soldier in a prestigious unit, and was even awarded an exclusive certificate of excellence on Independence Day.


The officer told his commanders that some eight years ago, as a teenager, he worked as a babysitter and would often watch over children in his neighborhood. According to his testimony to the police, he would go to the children's rooms after they had fallen asleep and touch their private parts as they slept.


The police arrested the officer, who then gave his testimony to police investigators. The investigators contacted the children whom the officer named. However, in most of the incidents, they did not receive any cooperation on the other end because the victims had no idea they were sexually molested. The children, who were toddlers at the time of the incidents, did not know what they had undergone. Neither did the parents, who were not at home during those times.


The intelligence officer surprised his investigators when he claimed, "I made these statements because I wanted to get out of the military."


This created no small problem for the investigators because the officer's testimony alone is not enough on which to base an indictment. In order to take the issue to court, they need a complaint to be filed by one of the victims or their parents.


"This is an officer who is the salt of the earth. This does not coincide with what he has recounted," said a police source. "He apparently has a problem that needs therapy. In any case, the file is with the State Prosecution, and they will have to decide how to proceed. This file is not a simple one because we do not have any complainants who can base the suspicions."


During his detainment, the officer was brought before a Ramla Magistrates' Court for an extension of his remand. The officer is being represented by Attorney Kobi Sudari.


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