Friday's rally in Tel Aviv
Photo: Yael Golan

Thousands march for human rights in TA

International Human Rights Day marked in Tel Aviv with procession of hundreds of people. Prominent participants include Minister Avishay Braverman and MKs Nitan Horowitz and Dov Khenin

Thousands of social activists are marching in Tel Aviv in a procession marking International Human Rights Day. They are carrying signs that read: "Marching for democracy," "Our right," and "All rights for all people." The procession commenced in Rabin Square and will conclude in the Tel Aviv Museum pavilion.


A number of prominent figures are participating in the march, including Minister Avishay Braverman and MKs Nitzan Horowitz and Dov Khenin.

'Our right' (Photo: Yaron Brener)


Baruch Yitzhaki, one of the participants, arrived at the square to protest against the State's welfare policy: "I worked my whole life in a senior position. When I got sick and no solution was found in Israel, I flew abroad to receive treatment. We, my wife and I, returned two years later and now we have no money to eat."


Yitzhaki, 67, claimed that he can't find any work at his age. "I have been stripped of the basic right to food and a decent standard of living. I, as a citizen, am unable to receive the most basic support from the State. What? Am I supposed to steal so the police can arrest and then I'll have free food in jail? I want the welfare minister to come and take a tour of the National Insurance Institute so that he can see what all the citizens withstand, the whole bureaucratic labyrinth the citizens go through."


Organizations that address the issues of foreign workers in Israel were also represented at the procession, including the organization "Israeli Children" that advocates for the children of foreign workers to remain in Israel. They carried signs that read "There are no illegal children."


A number of politicians asked to speak at the rally, but the organizers decided not to give them the stage.


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