Neturei Karta member greeted by Yasuf resident
Photo: AFP
Neturei Karta to Yasuf elders: We're anticipating Palestine's liberation
In aftermath of mosque torching, members of haredi group tell residents of West Bank village, 'Everything Zionists are doing to the Arabs is forbidden by Judaism'

Members of the anti-Zionist haredi group Neturei Karta met with residents of Yasuf on Tuesday to convey their support after a large mosque in the West Bank village was set ablaze last week.


IDF soldiers prevented the Neturei Karta delegation from entering Yasuf, so village elders greeted them near the entrance to Tapuach.


"We are hoping for the liberation of Palestine soon," one of the ultra-Orthodox Jews told the Yasuf residents, who also received pamphlets explaining the extremist group's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


"Everything the Zionists are doing to the Arabs is forbidden by Judaism and they will be punished by G-d for this," a Neturei Karta member told his hosts, "Zionism took over the Jewish nation with terror and force. The real Jewish nation is not Zionist, it's neutral."

Meeting near Tapuach (Photo: AFP)


Another Neturei Karta member told Ynet, "We coordinated the visit with the village and they thanked us, but the Zionists prohibited us from entering. We met with residents of the village while being surrounded by soldiers and settlers who wanted to kill us.


"The village elders wanted us to see the mosque, but the army refused to allow it," he said.


On Monday Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger visited Yasuf, but locals waving Palestine and PLO flags prevented him from entering the torched mosque.


While standing at the doorstep of the burned down mosque, Rabbi Metzger condemned the arson and said, "We, the people of Israel, have a trauma from 70 years ago when the greatest destruction we have ever known, the Holocaust, started with the burning of synagogues on Kristallnacht." 


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