Leaflet handed out by Hadash members
Hadash members rally against Gaza war (archives)
Photo: Adam Levinson
Hebrew U bans 'cursed Zionist war' conference
Jerusalem institution forbids Hadash branch from holding conference marking year since Gaza offensive launched, saying it constitutes 'incitement against Israel'

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Monday cancelled a conference organized by the leftist Hadash Party branch after learning that it was meant to focus on the "dreadful and damned Zionist war," referring to Israel'swar against Hamas a year ago.


Hebrew U students who are members of Hadash had received authorization to hold the conference on campus, but the institution eventually canceled what it referred to as a "conference of incitement" against the IDF and the State of Israel.


A pamphlet circulated ahead of the conference read, in Arabic, "A year has passed since the war in Gaza was launched; don’t let it be forgotten. Members of the Hadash branch invite you to an evening in which we will remember the dreadful and damned Zionist war."


Hadash Knesset Member Afou Agbaria, who was scheduled to attend the conference, was described in the leaflet as "one of the first physicians who entered Gaza during the war".


To the Hadash members' dismay, members of the "Lavi cell", which is affiliated with the ruling Likud Party, got hold of the pamphlet and complained to university administrators, who said the conference's subject matter violated prior understandings reached between the university and the Hadash members.


"Lavi cell" chairman Edi Yari Freiman criticized "attempts by students to incite against the State of Israel on campus", while Hebrew University said in a statement, "The institution permits political activity as long as it does not violate Israeli law and does not go against the university's principles."


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