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Ben-Ari, 'Beinish group has control'
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Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish
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Bill proposal: Add 3 judges to Supreme Court

MKs Levin, Ben-Ari push to have number of judges increased from 15 – 18 to add diversity of opinions, 'restore court's sanity, Zionism'

Will the Right manage to raise the number of judges in the Supreme Court and "restore its sanity and Zionism"? The Ministerial Committee on Legislation is slated to discuss a proposal by Likud MK Yariv Levin and National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari, aimed at changing the face of the Supreme Court and increasing the number of its judges from 15 to 18.


The proposal submitted by the two says the objective is to significantly increase the diversity of opinions in the Supreme Court and to lighten to load on its judges, by cutting back on delays of hearings and verdicts sessions.


The two said the Supreme Court has been suffering from a "lack of appropriate representation of the diverse streams of the Israeli society" in recent years, and that this bill gives the court the necessary diversity.


They explained "the need to give variety grows in light of the Supreme Court's increasing tendency to deal with policies and world views, and an increase in the number of judges would enable the appointment of judges with different backgrounds and positions which would properly express the different world views among the Israeli public."


The MKs concluded their proposal saying, "The matter of the Supreme Court's composition should be regulated in legislation, in a way that the number of judges is determined and not subject to the changing whims of the Knesset."


Speaking with Ynet MK Levin said the proposal was linked to the High Court ruling from Tuesday to allow Palestinians to use Route 433, a road between Modi'in and Jerusalem.


"The High Court ruling on Route 443 proves the need for a legislative revolution, to rehabilitate the separation of authorities and restore sanity and Zionism to the justice system. The bill proposals we are promoting now are just the beginning of this revolution."


MK Ben-Ari added: "The small number of judges in the Supreme Court gives the Beinish (Supreme Court president) group full control over critical decisions pertaining to the fate of the State of Israel. Increasing the number of judges will give an opening for judges whose ideologies are fueled by a perception that views the State of Israel a Jewish state and distinguishes between an enemy and a loved one."


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