Photo: Effi Sharir
Riklis. 'Lost my heart'
Photo: Effi Sharir
Jewish billionaire wants ex-lover to return gifts
Meshulam Riklis to demand Israeli mistress return luxury apartment, jewels he gave her since they were enjoyed by her ex-husband too
Jewish billionaire Meshulam Riklis is slated to reclaim all of the presents he showered on his Israeli lover after her ex-husband confessed he enjoyed them too.


The Israeli mistress, a blond shapely beauty, will be required to return to Riklis among others, her sea view luxury apartment in Netanya, a diamond ring, as well as expensive art work. She might be consoled by being allowed to keep a new car the billionaire bought her.


Riklis explained his motives to the Yedioth Ahronoth daily: "I can't take back her academic degree which I paid for or the good life I gave her, but my heart cannot allow that she keep an apartment I bought for her and tell everyone 'I reeled in a big fat stupid fish like Riklis.'


"My heart aches for what she did. What do they call it? Have you killed and also taken possession?."  


According to Riklis, his former lover was overcome by greed. "I bought her a beautiful watch set with diamonds worth $10,000, a beautiful diamond ring amounting to something between $40,000 and $50,000, but the most precious thing she cost me was my heart. All of those other things are little tiny things in comparison," he said.


Surprisingly, the woman's ex-husband also feels cheated. "I think it all got to her head," he said and noted "she forgot where she came from. She had too much money, money from Riklis."


He also admitted to benefitting himself from the arrangement. "True, I was comfortable. I had less worries about the bank. But the main issue for me was not to lose my wife. I loved her very much."


Etti Abramov contributed to this report


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