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Soldier uses bees to get undue leave
Female soldier serving in south inflicts multiple bee stings on herself after her request to be restationed was denied. IDF authorities press charges; soldier gets 12 days in brig

The Sting: A female solider serving in the Gaza Division found a new way to get sick leave – she had bees sting her.


Once the plan was discovered, however, she was sentenced to 12 days in the brig.


The solider, who has been serving in the IDF since the summer of 2008, asked at some point to be transferred out of her base, citing she wanted to help her family, which is suffering from financial difficulties.


Once her request was denied, she decided to find another way to get out of the base: according to the Military Police's investigation, she collected a few bees and had them sting her in the knee.


She then sought medical treatment at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, telling the doctors she fell.


After staying at home for 10 days, the soldier reportedly decided to confess to her commanding officer. A subsequent inquiry was launched and following her trial she was convicted of conduct unbecoming and sentenced to 12 days in prison.


Military authorities take self inflicted injuries very seriously and in extreme cases the Military Prosecution has been known to charge soldiers in such cases.


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