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Turkish producers call Israel 'war criminal'
(Video) Company which produced anti-Israeli shows says UN agrees with its presentation of Israel

VIDEO - The Turkish production company responsible for two controversial anti-Israeli television series said Tuesday that it did not mean to apologize for the commotion caused by the shows, and called Israel a "war criminal".


A spokeswoman for Pana Film, which produced both 'Valley of the Wolves' and 'Separation', told Ynet that her company was not the first to condemn Israel for war crimes.


"The Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador in Tel Aviv and expressed, in the name of the country, his dissatisfaction with us for presenting Israel as a war criminal in our series, 'Valley of the Wolves: Ambush'," she said.


"However Israel has already been declared a war criminal many times in the past by international rights organizations, including the UN, which has written about this in its reports."


The spokeswoman added that the shows were faithful to reality. "The entire human race, and especially the Israeli public, is sorrowed by the insensitivity with which the Israeli authorities treat Palestinian children," she said.




"Their basic rights, such as food, clothing, and education, are taken away from them. How can the same Israeli authorities, who bombed children hiding under the UN flag in Gaza without hesitation, be so concerned now with a television show that merely displays what they did?"


The spokeswoman also described the sequel to the series, 'Valley of the Wolves: Iraq', which stirred equally vehement condemnation in the US. In it, an Israeli doctor is displayed as an organs trafficker.


"Israeli sources have recently revealed that these scenes are real. Instead of trying to cover up the inhumane treatment received by Palestinian children with diplomacy, the Israeli government should stop the cruelty towards them. 'Valley of the Wolves' will continue to tell the truth and present the unjust," she said.


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