Shin Bet chief Diskin
Photo: Yaron Brener
Mossad chief Dagan
Photo: Yaron Brener

Mossad, Shin Bet: Our disabled veterans on par with IDF

Dagan, Diskin speak before committee, call for equality of disabled veterans in rare open session

In an unusual move, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin and Mossad chief Meir Dagan spoke in an open forum Thursday while addressing a committee deliberating reforms in the security services' Rehabilitation Branch.


The two presented a united front and requested that disabled Mossad and Shin Bet veterans be considered on par with disabled IDF veterans.


During the discussions, some of which were public, they called for a law that would make veterans from the three organizations equal. Diskin noted that in his opinion, differentiating between them was absurd.


"It was a waste to create another branch to deal with disabled Shin Bet and Mossad veterans," he said.


"When a Shin Bet operative and a soldier are sent on the same mission and are both hurt, it doesn't make sense that one be handled by the Defense Ministry and the other by the National Insurance Institute," he added. "It doesn’t matter that one is in uniform and the other is not – they are both subject to the same dangers."



The Mossad chief endorsed Diskin's comments and emphasized that Mossad employees operate in a similar way to IDF soldiers, and even cooperate with them sometimes.


Dagan noted that serving in the Mossad requires total dedication, and thus there was no reason to differentiate between those who serve in the organization he leads and IDF soldiers.


"They are all forbidden to strike, they don't get paid overtime, and they are on call 24/7," he said.


"It's true that not everyone works on the same tasks, and some tasks are particular to my organization, but I can't differentiate between those who serve," he continued. "I can't say who contributes more. Everyone contributes to the same end, which comprises many different tasks. Sometimes a secretary passes on information that saves soldiers' lives. Is her contribution worth less?"


The committee, which was formed a few months ago, has already summoned several defense establishment officials, including outgoing Defense Ministry Director-General Pinhas Buchris.


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