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Women discuss 'kosher' use of social media

Anglo-Israeli religious women to hold a one-day conference in Jerusalem on February 17 to discuss how Torah-observant people, organizations can use cutting-edge online technologies as tool to build their businesses

Anglo-Israeli women will hold a one-day conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday, February 17, to discuss how Torah-observant people and organizations can use social media as a tool to build their businesses.


The Kishor Social Media Conference will feature expert speakers discussing religious and practical guidelines for the promotional use of cutting-edge online technologies, such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Docs, Flickr, LinkedIn and Facebook.


The featured speaker and religious advisor to the Conference is Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Director of the Jerusalem Kollel and a respected "posek" (advisor) on contemporary halachic issues, particularly for Jerusalem's English-speaking haredi community.


There will be sessions on the halachic (legal) and hashkafic (philosophical) issues relating to social media use, and how to make the internet a safer place for business users, children and students. The afternoon program is divided into three parallel tracks, discussing practical applications for parents and educators, newcomers to social media, and professional social media users.


Open to women only

The conference is organized by the Kishor Women’s Professional Networking Group, whose mission statement is "Successfully Building Homes and Careers LeSheim Shamayim (for the sake of Heaven)". Kishor provides a monthly forum for members to meet, brainstorm, and provide support to other religious working women who share the same challenges and interests.


Kishor convener Sarah Lipman explains, "Observant women are active at every level of the business world, and are especially active in the online economy. The Social Media Conference provides an opportunity to learn about safe ways to evaluate and use the internet and new forms of social media.


"We need to understand these online tools, and the power and the risks of this medium, so we can ask better shaalos (halachic questions) and make informed decisions as to what place they have in our working and personal lives."


This ground-breaking event is the first of its kind, but may lead to further conferences on this topic for men and in Hebrew. This event is open to women only and sessions will be recorded. To register or attend, please visit


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