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Haredi son, parents hold double wedding

Yeshiva student, originally a Christian who made aliyah from US seven years ago, converted to Judaism inspires parents to follow in his footsteps. Two couples get married in joint ceremony in Jerusalem

A young Christian American man who made aliyah seven years ago, converted to Judaism and became a student in one of the most prestigious Hasidic yeshivot in Jerusalem got married last week.


"Hakol Haharedi" news distributor reported that the groom's parents, who were inspired by their son's new path decided to do the same. After a long conversion process they were pronounced Jews by the religious court of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, one of the leading Lithuanian rabbis.


In order to be considered a Jewish couple they were required to get married again under the Jewish tradition. The ceremony was performed by Rabbi Karelitz himself.


The couple and their son decided to celebrate the two events together and held a joint ceremony in Jerusalem.


The wedding was haredi through and through, with the young groom dressed in full Hassidic gear including a shtreimel, and the older couple in modest clothing.


More happy news was reported in the ultra-Orthodox sector when it became known that the 21-year-old granddaughter of one of the Neturei Karta leaders was matched with a 16-year-old young man.


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