Avinoam Braverman in court
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Pedophile who chatted with 1,000 girls charged with rape

Avinoam Braverman convicted of multiple sexual offenses against young girls, including rape, sodomy, and indecent acts. According to indictment, he spoke with girls online, sexually harassed them, met with some of them and sexually assaulted them. He allegedly paid one of them NIS 200 'to do everything to me'

Alleged pedophile, Avinoam Braverman, 34, from Tel Aviv, was indicted Wednesday in Tel Aviv District Court for rape, attempted rape, sodomy, prohibited consensual sexual relations, public indecent acts, sexual harassment, and publishing abominations.


The indictment, which was issued by Attorney Erez Richtenberg and Attorney Pnina Lazzi from the Tel Aviv District Prosecutor's Office, only refers to four girls, one of whom the defendant allegedly raped. However, the police computing unit estimates that Braverman spoke with some 1,000 young girls on the internet and made contact of a sexual nature with dozens of them.


According to the indictment, Braverman surfed over the past four years internet websites intended for children and sites for young girls, some of whom were under the age of 14.


Braverman. Enticed young girls online (Photo: Yaron Brener) 


He would allegedly present himself as nine years younger than he actually is. He would complement them on their good looks and their personalities and then would proceed to hold conversations with them about sexual issues while trying to convince them to meet with him in order to have sexual relations with him.


The indictment claims that between the years 2007-2009, Braverman managed to entrap three minors aged 11, 13, and 14 with whom he committed sexual offenses of rape, attempted rape, and sodomy. In addition, he allegedly had conversations on the internet with hundreds of minors whom he tried to ensnare while sexually harassing them. He would allegedly speak with them about vulgar sexual issues and send them pictures of his genitalia and videos of him masturbating.


In addition, Braverman allegedly instructed some of the girls with whom he spoke to send him naked pictures of themselves. Some of them obliged. According to the prosecution, he also maintained numerous pedophilic files on his computer that he would spread on the internet.


'NIS 200 and do everything to me'

The indictment describes conversations Braverman allegedly had with a 13-year-old girl. She gave him her cell phone number and even asked her to bring her money when they met. "If you bring me 200, I'll buy myself my dream and you will do everything you want to me. If its 100, we'll see," she wrote.


The two did actually meet at the girl's house in the center of the country, where he committed numerous sexual offenses.


In another instance, he paid a 14-year-old girl money to meet him. He also allegedly performed sexually acts on her.


To another girl, 13, the defendant wrote: "I will meet you even if you are 12. This is what I'm trying to tell you, sweetie. It's just a number. Your pictures are really exciting… I'm still not sure if you are 12 or 14, but it doesn't really matter."


The prosecution said that they have in their possession large amounts of evidence proving Braverman's guilt, including testimonies from his victims and details from his computer documenting Braverman's conversations with the girls. In addition, Braverman allegedly is in possession of some of the girls' underwear after they left them for him as a souvenir at his request. Braverman's DNA has been found on the underwear.


Files containing details on the minors with whom he spoke were found on his computer.


The prosecution has asked that the court extend Braverman's remand until the end of legal proceedings against him.


Attorney Bentzi Kovler, who is representing Braverman, responded, "We will be able to address the indictment only after we have read all of the investigation material."


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