Livni says no
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Mofaz's ultimatum rejected
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Livni rejects Mofaz's primaries ultimatum

Kadima chairwoman says she will not bring Kadima's primaries forward, slams Mofaz's conduct

Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni  rejected Monday Knesset Member Shaul Mofaz's ultimatum on announcing primary party elections within three weeks.


Mofaz's, Kadima's #2 figure, threatened to form an independent faction should Livni not bring forward the party's primaries.


However, Livni did not succommb to the pressure, declaring that "party protocol states that primaries be held three months prior to elections. Should it be in Kadima's interest to bring forward the primaries during the election year, and no sooner than nine months or a year prior to elections, I will give my consent."


Livni and Mofaz. Making headlines (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


A date for the next Knesset elections has yet to be announced but notwithstanding any changes they are planned to take place no sooner than February 2013 – four years after the last elections. According to Livni, primaries will not be conducted prior to February 2012, while Mofaz insists on holding them this year.


"I will not agree to any other date, which would mean carrying on with the fight and the personal slander instead of fighting the government and promoting our issues," the Kadima chairwoman said. Livni nevertheless added that "despite the authority granted to me by the protocol, I have no problem with other suggestions and am willing to hold a vote on them."


Livni also criticized Mofaz for his media conduct in in respect to the matter, noting that making the debate public harms Kadima.


"Sadly, the campaign that made headlines was the campaign against Kadima, from within Kadima, which included enticements, threats and ultimatums," she said, noting that she had refrained from addressing the issue in the media before in order to maintain the party's unity.




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