Nasrallah. Obama can't do it
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Mugniyah. Revenge will come
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Nasrallah threatens to attack Ben-Gurion Airport

Hezbollah secretary-general says 'Israel needs no excuse' to attack Lebanon. 'If you destroy buildings in Dahiya – we will destroy buildings in Tel Aviv,' Nasrallah warns. He slams US President Obama, who he says cannot help Lebanon as he has failed in stopping settlements

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech in Beirut on Tuesday, saying that Israel "needs no excuse" to attack Lebanon.


"If Israel wants to, it initiates an excuse," he noted, warning the Jewish state that "if you destroy buildings in Dahiya (Beirut quarter known as Hezbollah's stronghold) – we will destroy buildings in Tel Aviv."


Nasrallah also threatened to attack infrastructures on the shoreline. "I am saying to the Israelis, if you attack the international airport in Beirut, we will strike Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. If you attack our ports, we will attack your ports, and if you attack our oil terminals, industrial zones and power stations – we will do the same to you," he threatened.


The Hezbollah leader added that his organization was "under a wave of threats on Israel's part", saying that "when Israel wants to attack a certain country, it needs no excuses. Even in the July 2006 war, the two hostages were not the excuse.


"If Israel wants, it initiates an excuse. It initiates a failed assassination attempt and blames Hezbollah, the Palestinians or anyone it wants," he said.

Nasrallah's speech screened (Photo: AP)


"These talks are dangerous because the responsibility for Israel's actions is being inflicted upon the resistance (Hezbollah). The dangerous thing in this context is what we have began hearing in the past month, that the existence of the resistance in Lebanon is a good enough excuse for the Israeli enemy to launch an attack on Lebanon, and that in order not to give this enemy an excuse, we must cancel this excuse and cancel the resistance.


"This is an overall justification for any Israeli excuse. There are Lebanese who say things that even entire sectors in Israel don't say. These remarks are very dangerous and justify any Israeli offensive."


'Revenge as big as Imad Mugniyah'

Nasrallah addressed the assassination of senior organization member Imad Mugniyah about two years ago and promised to avenge his death. "Today, on the anniversary in memory of Imad, I say that we seek revenge as big as Imad Mugniyah. That is what we want. Not revenge for the sake of revenge, but in order to defend all of our leaders."


According to the Hezbollah leader, "There are Israelis who believe that Hezbollah will perhaps look for modest goals, attack and think this is the revenge for Imad Mugniyah. This isn't how it works. In the past two years we had many modest goals, but we did not attack because we want a goal of the same extent.


"We must respond to the threats not with fear but with willingness. We don’t want war, we never did. We are fighting to free our land and prisoners, but we are interested in defending our country, safeguarding the respect of our people."


The Shiite group's leader went on to address the internal situation in Lebanon, attacking the United States. "In the face of the wave of threats in the past few months, several questions are raised, the same ones as in 1982. For example, can the American promises defend Lebanon? If (US President Barack) Obama and (US Vice President Joe) Biden hit their chest and vow to defend Lebanon, can they do it?


"Is this something Obama can guarantee? He couldn't stop the settlements. Can the international community do so after failing to do so for 60 years?


"Today we read that (Foreign Minister Avigdor) Lieberman says that the principle of territories for peace is an illusion. And he is not only saying it about the Palestinians. If Lebanon takes a neutral approach, can it defend its territory and water under this approach? Our experience says it can't."


Nasrallah added that Lebanon today was stronger than ever. "There is no room for weakness among these calculations and equations. The strong ones are the only ones who can impose their will on the world. Can Lebanon be strong? Yes. We have proved it, and today Lebanon is stronger than ever."


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