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High Court to state: Expedite demolition in illegal West Bank outposts

Justices say state failed to razed structures in Hayovel, Harsha despite being given ample time to do so

The High Court of Justice has ordered the state to provide a timetable for the demolition of illegal structures in two unauthorized West Bank outposts within 60 days.


The decision to raze the structures drew harsh criticism due to the fact that one of the outposts in question is home to the widow and two children of fallen IDF officer Roi Klein, who was killed during the Second Lebanon War when he jumped on a grenade to save his comrades.


In 2005, Peace Now filed a petition against the construction of 12 homes in Hayovel, which is on the outskirts of the settlement of Eli, and six structures in Harsha. In response, the state said it would dismantle the structures according to a timetable set by the security establishment. But later the state said it intended to examine whether the areas in which the outposts are situated fall under the category of state land, which would facilitate their authorization, or whether they are under Palestinian ownership.


The court said it did not issue a demolition order following the Peace Now petition to give the IDF and the Civil Administration ample time to conduct hearings ahead of the demolitions.


Last January, pressure from right-wing politicians forced the state to delay the demolition of the structures.


High Court Justices Dorit Beinish, Yoram Danziger, and Elyakim Rubinstein wrote in their decision on Tuesday, "In July, our ruling was issued whereby we explicitly noted that under the circumstances we considered a wholesale demolition order, but due to the need for a hearing we refrained from doing so. Nonetheless, it appears that our ruling was only partially implemented." 


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