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Photo: Raya Liebman

Settlers lightly injure 2 soldiers in Yitzhar

Group of youngsters hurl stones, paint-filled light bulbs at soldiers, torch, puncture tires of two military vehicles. Defense establishment: Proof of inadequacy for local residents

A Border Guard officer and an Israel Defense Forces soldier on Wednesday were lightly injured from stones hurled at them by a group of young settlers from the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar.


One of the soldiers needed medical treatment and was evacuated to Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

IDF was holding an exercise against terror attacks at the settlement that also included members of the local patrol unit.


During the exercise, a group of some 30 youngsters aged 16-17, some masked, approached the force and blocked their way out of the area.


The settlers hurled stones and light bulbs filled with paint at the soldiers, torched tires and also punctured the tires of two military vehicles. The perpetrators then shut the electric gate to prevent it from opening.


The security establishment expressed anger following the incident and said, "This is a disgraceful act and a proof of inadequacy for the local residents." Local sources added, "IDF came here to hold a drill and this is the thanks they get. It's simply shameful."


The assault Wednesday follows last week's incident in which a vehicle carrying two high-ranking army officials was pelted with paint cans and stones after handing out construction freeze orders in the area.


The assailants fled the scene before any arrests could be made. The IDF has admitted that the incident was a serious attack on IDF forces.


Police were investigating whether a tire on one of the vehicles was punctured, and said the army filed a report of the incident only the next day.


Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan said, "I view the stone throwing at IDF soldier in Yitzhar as extremely severe. This behavior is unacceptable and completely contradicts the Judea and Samaria settlement's way.


Dayan added, "We must show zero tolerance to such phenomena. Even if the conduct lead to a misunderstanding as to the mission, this does not justify violence against the soldiers."


Efrat Weiss contributed to this report


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