Dubai. Plot thickens
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New clip shows 2nd woman in Dubai hit team

Dubai investigation team releases footage showing new details regarding murder of Hamas' al-Mabhouh

The confusion surrounding the assassination of senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai increased Wednesday evening with the release of a clip showing the assassins as they make their way from Dubai airport until they reach Mabhouh's hotel room.


A camera in the second floor corridor filmed the "tennis players" checking the location of his room. In the new clip, a second woman can be seen who was not seen in previous footage.


The clip shows the following:

1. Poster of the 11 assassins with the heading, "Wanted."

2. The suspects Michael and James arrive at the airport.

3. Gail and Kevin arrive at the airport.

4. Michael and James check in to the hotel.

5. Kevin arrives at his hotel room.

6. Peter meets another team member at the airport.

7. Peter wanders around a shopping mall.

8. The suspects come to the shopping mall at different times.

9. Kevin goes into the washrooms and comes out in disguise.

10. One of the suspects looks over the hotel before Mabhouh arrives.

11. Gail leaves the first hotel in which she stayed.

12. The suspects arrive at a different hotel, where other suspects are staying.

13. Gail comes to a different hotel in an attempt to conceal her identity.

14. Mabhouh arrives at the hotel and some of the assassination team watch him.

15. It is possible to see that the footage is from five hours before the assassination.

16. Gail arrives at the other hotel where other suspects are waiting.

17. Kevin arrives at a different hotel and uses his computer.

18. Peter arrives at the hotel in which Mabhouh is staying and wanders around the lobby.

19. Other suspects arrive and start making their way to the room.


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called earlier for a full investigation into the use of British passports by some of the assassins. In an interview with London's LBC radio, Brown said, "We have got to carry out a full investigation into this. The British passport is an important document that has got to be held with care."


"The evidence has got to be assembled about what has actually happened and how it happened and why it happened and it is necessary for us to accumulate that evidence before we can make statements," the prime minister added.


The Guardian reported that the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA), headed by Sir Ian Andrews, had begun looking into the use of British passports.


"We are assisting the Dubai authorities. The details are to be determined and meetings are currently taking place," a SOCA spokesman said.


The agency, Britain's equivalent of the FBI, was established in 2006 by former head of the MI5, Sir Stephen Lander. Despite the suspicions British politicians have directed against the Mossad, British intelligence agencies are refraining from accusing Israel publicly.


Ireland also protested the use of Irish passports by some members of the assassination team, though it seems no use was made of Irish citizens' identities, and the authorities have already clarified that the passports were fake.


Apart from the passport numbers, which are not listed, the authorities are concerned that some of the suspects caught on camera were wearing glasses. Ireland does not allow passport photos to be taken with glasses.


The British Daily Mail noted that some of the suspects are smiling in their passport photos, which is against Irish and British regulations forbidding citizens from smiling in any photos for official documents.


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