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Noam Shalit: US hindering deal for my son

Abducted soldier's father criticizes Obama Administration, says US hinting that Israel should not finalize prisoner swap; in speech before US Jewish leaders, Noam Shalit urges PM Netanyahu to make tough decision, approve deal

The United States is hindering a prisoner swap for abducted soldier Gilad Shalit, his father charged in a speech before Jewish leaders at the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora in Tel Aviv Thursday.


Noam Shalit used the platform to criticize the Obama Administration, slamming it for expressing displeasure over the deal and hinting to Israeli leaders not to go ahead with it. He also noted that at the same time, some Congress members have been urging President Obama to press Israel to open the Gaza Strip crossings.


The soldier's father urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show courage and make a tough decision in approving the swap.


"We need to bring Gilad back home without delay," Shalit said, stressing that his son was sent on his mission almost four years ago and has been rotting in a Hamas prison ever since then.


'Hamas holding Gazans hostage'  

The soldier's father reminded the audience that Gilad Shalit is being completely isolated from the outside world, slamming Hamas for disregarding international law and basic human rights and for prevent the Red Crossing from visiting his son.


Turning his attention to the Gaza blockade, Noam Shalit said the policy merely serves to hurt Strip residents, without harming Hamas leaders.


"They enjoy funds being sent to them from various sources and have easy access to food," he said, adding that Hamas' top brass was wholly unconcerned for the wellbeing of Palestinians and that "they're holding their people hostage".


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