'Strong bond.' Ahmadinejad (L) and Assad
Photo: AFP

Iran: New Middle East won't include Zionists

In Damascus, Ahmadinejad says 'Zionist regime will be annihilated if it repeats past mistakes'. Assad: Israeli threats aimed at boosting citizens' morale after series of defeats

Arab nations will usher in a new Middle East "without Zionists and without colonialists," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday.


Ahmadinejad spoke Thursday during a trip to Syria. The trip follows a string of US efforts to break up Syria's 30-year alliance with Tehran.


He said that "if the Zionist regime wants to repeat its past mistakes, this will bring about its demise and annihilation."


Ahmadinejad said Iran, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will stand against Israel.


Syrian President Bashar Assad addressed the recent Israeli threats, saying, "We believe we are facing an entity that is capable of aggression at any point, and we are preparing ourselves for any Israeli aggression, be it on a small or large scale.


"We must be prepared for any Israeli response, under any pretext," said the Syrian leader. "Israel is directing its threats at Syria and the resistance movement (terror groups). The threats are also aimed at boosting the Israeli citizens' morale after a series of defeats."


'Common enemies.' Assad (L) and Ahmadinejad in Damascus (Photo: AP)


During the joint press conference with Assad, Ahmadinejad said the bond between Damascus and Tehran is strong and that "no one can damage it."


"These ties will become deeper and develop over the years. We are brothers. We have mutual interests, as well as common goals and enemies," said the Iranian president, adding, "The world needs a new order."


"The Zionists and their protectors have reached a dead end. The Zionist entity will eventually disappear; its existential philosophy has ended. The Zionist conquerors have reached a dead end; all of their threats against the Palestinians stem from their weakness. If the Zionists repeat their past mistakes, all of the region's nations will uproot them," Ahmadinejad said.


"With Allah's help, the new Middle East will be a Middle East without Zionists and imperialists. We hope they will recognize the rights of the region's nations, but they must realize that if they continue along their wrongful path they have no place in our region. Today the ties between the region's nations - between Iran, Syria and the resistance movement - are very strong. We believe that developments in the world will benefit Iran, Syria and the region's free governments," he said.


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