A. Reli
B. Nachshon and Dalia
C. Ora (R) and Dina
D. Hamutal Shabtai
E. Nonka
F. Eliezer Reich
G. Yehudit and Amanihu Levavi

Purim in Kibbutz Merhavia, 1963

Hassidim taking over the kibbutz dining hall? Men in long johns turning their back to the camera? Nadav Man takes us on a trip to the past to a Purim ball held 47 years ago

Taking part in Kibbutz Merhavia's Purim ball was a real joy. Several weeks before the holiday, the kibbutz members would start decorating the dining hall with cartoons, masks, slogans and humorous songs.


On the eve of the holiday, they would cover the dining hall with huge tent-cloths, and the entrance would turn into mazes and cloth-made tunnels. The kibbutz elders would prepare a "Purim spiel" (holiday play) and other teams would present humorous skits.


Although the party was "for adults only," the children from the communal sleeping arrangement would sneak in and peek.


This time we devote this section to the joyous holiday with a selection of photos taken by Israel Prize laureate and Merhavia member Tuvia Ribner, from the Purim ball held at the kibbutz in 1963.

1. Having fun. From the right: Baruch Oren, Shoshana Krantz and Efi


2. David Cnaani speaks


3. Miriami


4. Rachel Grol (R) and Chava Yasur


5. From the right: Avital Reich, Ruthie Mintzer and Mira Mintzer


6. Choir from the front


7. Choir from the back


8. Yosefa


9. Aryeh Sartani and Hannah Eshel


10. Tuvia Weitz and Hanche


11. Yankes (R) and Shaul Helman


12. Neta and Michal Bat Adam


13. Carmela and Menashke Margalit


14. Eliezer Reich (R) and Lutek


15. So much joy! Avner (R) and Tuvia Weitz


16. Unidentified woman (R) and Anda Yaari


17. Lutek Etzion (R) and Tuvia Weitz


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