Church of the Holy Sepulchre . International importance
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Photo: Galit Kosowsky
Sea of Galilee. Threats of encroachment
Photo: Galit Kosowsky

US report accuses Israel of neglecting mosques, churches

Annual State Department human rights survey blames Israel of protecting Jewish holy sites only, leaving Christian, Muslim houses of worship under threat; slams Goldstone Report

WASHINGTON - The US State Department's annual human rights survey accuses Israel of neglecting Muslim and Christian sites.


The report notes that the 1967 Protection of Holy Sites Law is implemented on 137 Jewish sites only, leaving Christian and Muslim sites " neglected, inaccessible, or threatened by property development."


"The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other well-known sites have de facto protection as a result of their international importance; however, community mosques, churches, and shrines faced threats from developers and municipalities that Jewish sites did not face," the report stated.


The survey further noted that "Christian pilgrimage sites around the Sea of Galilee faced regular threats of encroachment from government planners who wanted to use parts of the properties for recreational areas."


Despite their criticism of Israel's treatment of holy sites, the survey's authors side with the Jewish state in respect to the Goldstone Report. The document stated that the UN report contains lies, legal and factual mistakes and indicates a biased attitude.


It was further noted that the Goldstone Report omitted the fact that Hamas and other groups operated in densely populated urban areas in Gaza on purpose.


The survey also addressed a long line of human rights violations around the world. It accused Iran of violating the rights of its citizens to implement their democtratic right to criticize and replace the regime in fair elections. Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers organization were also accused of committing abuses against civilians.


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