Ido Sama
Photo: Noam Moscowitz

Border Guard officer charged with weapons trafficking

Indictment says officer stole from army base at request of men who sold supplies to criminals

A Border Guard officer has been indicted on suspicion he stole supplies from the army and sold them to several buyers, who in turn sold them to various criminal elements.


The Nazareth District Court received the indictment Monday, which charges the eight men with theft and sale of 36 stun grenades, an M-16 rifle, handguns, binoculars, compasses, and bats.


The Police Investigations Unit claims that the officer, Ido Sama, broke into an army base and stole the supplies at the request of the seven alleged buyers, who sold them for thousands of dollars.


Two of the suspects accused of buying the supplies, Akel Dabes and Yaniv Bushari, are also charged with using one of the stun grenades to threaten the CEO of the Poultry Council for closing down Dabes's egg-sorting business.


The indictment says Dabes paid Bushari over $2,000 to throw the grenade at the councilman's home in an attempt to scare him.


The eight suspects were arrested at the beginning of the month. The Police Investigations Unit says they are cooperating with the investigation against them, and that Sama would be removed from the Border Guard if he is found guilty.


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