Assassination in Budapest
Photo: AFP

Hungary investigates Israeli planes incident

Committee to clarify presence of Israeli surveillance aircraft in Hungarian airspace at time of assassination of Syrian national in country's capital

The case of two Israeli planes which entered Hungary's airspace a few days ago, around the time of the assassination of a Syrian national in Budapest, continues to cause waves in Hungary's political and media circles. The Hungarian defense minister on Monday appointed an investigation committee to clarify events and the significance of the planes.


Hungarian media reported that the planes were Gulfstream surveillance aircraft, equipped with the IDF's most sophisticated intelligence devices. According to the reports, they crossed Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian airspace before flying over Hungary. They did not land, the reports said, but completed their mission and departed.


The incident has reverberated in the media for some days, especially media channels associated with the rightwing, who called for an investigation.


The storm surrounding the incident is fueled by Hungary's approaching elections, which include mutual incrimination between the parties of left and right over a range of issues. Now, it seems, Israel has also entered the fray.


Responses in Hungary, around the world, and also in Israel, have been strident, particularly following the assassination of Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, commonly thought to be the work of Mossad. Dubai police say they have identified 27 suspects who allegedly used foreign passports for the operation.


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